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Real Estate Market Update – Myrtle Beach Real Estate In South Carolina

You’ve seen the ashes and sackcloth in the national media. We’re facing an impending housing crisis of Biblical proportions, Bear Stearns got bought out by Morgan Stanley, and the World is Going To End. Oh, and real estate is the worst place to park your assets right now. At this point, the litany of woes in the housing sector sounds like an early ’90s grunge act, or maybe the final act of an opera as everyone threatens to throw themselves off the cliff.

What isn’t getting reported is that every trend has a rebound line. Right now, housing prices are down; they may not have hit bottom, but they’re probably very close. As anyone who does investing or sales knows, the key to making money is to buy low and sell high. Right now, the price of housing is very low – and there are lots of people desperate to get out from under their mortgages, so the first part of that formulation is here. How about selling high?

Let’s look at the housing market – we’ve got an economic correction (read “recession”) coming on. We’ve also got a demographic wave peaking with the Baby Boomers getting set to retire…and they’re going to want to buy retirement homes. After all, real estate is an investment in a tangible asset with real value – you can always re-sell the land, or live in the home. It’s one of the safest investments out there…and there are markets where the housing prices are down and the upside potential is great.

One of those markets for real estate is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Let’s look at the numbers. Myrtle Beach is the sixth fastest growing metro area in the US Myrtle Beach real estate is a good investment in the near term, and a great investment in the medium turn. The time to buy is when everyone’s driving the price down – and the time to buy into Myrtle Beach real estate is right now.