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VIDEO: Is Fall a Good Time to Sell?

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Welcome back to my video blog! I can’t believe summer is almost over!

With fall right around the corner, a lot of people have been asking me if the fall months are a good time to sell.

That’s an interesting question. The time to sell is less seasonal now and more about market conditions. What does this mean?

In the fall, there are fewer showings per contract. Buyers looking during the summer months are very different than buyers in the fall. In June, July and August there are a lot of people on vacation and they are viewing homes with this emotional charge; rarely, though, do they actually purchase a home.

During the fall, however, buyers are more strategic. They have an actual plan to view and buy a home. So, while the summer has more activity, the net sales of both seasons are nearly the same.

So, yes, fall is a good time to sell, but it very much also depends on your situation. You need to look at the market conditions.

If you have a desire to sell, call me at 843.251.2693 or email me at I can do a market analysis and we can create a plan that is best for you based on your situation.