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VIDEO: Pricing Your Myrtle Beach Home Accurately Can Save You Time & Money

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Hello, I’m here again to bring you pertinent real estate information for here in the Grand Strand. Currently I’ve noticed something that’s been affecting the market, and that is price sensitivity.

For example, last Monday I reduced the price on one of our listings, and by the next morning we had sold the property!

Why this happened so quickly: If a buyer cannot find a sufficient property, they will often tell their agent to let them know if a new listing comes up or if one that they’re looking at has a price change. A good realtor will have email notifications sent to them when this occurs, so a prospective buyer will know immediately when this happens.

Buyers are more savvy than ever: With an abundance of real estate websites at their fingertips, buyers are now sometimes more educated about the market than realtors. They understand what is valuable to them and can easily gauge that with myriad online resources.

Because of this, the market responds faster than ever to a home that has been priced correctly. Unfortunately there is no magic wand to determine the correct or adequate price for a home. As a realtor, it’s my job to interpret the data to determine a price that will benefit the seller of the property while keeping in mind that buyers are more fickle than ever. It’s a tough balancing act that really takes a lot of know-how, as well as a little luck.

Contact me at (843) 251-2693 and I will do my best to field any questions you may have about our local market or a property within it.