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VIDEO: 3 Reasons to Sell in Myrtle Beach this Fall

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Is Now a Rough Time to Sell?

With the summer months coming to a close, many homeowners feel that the time to sell has passed them by. Today, we want to correct that misconception by showing you 3 reasons the fall is a great time to sell in Myrtle Beach.

Fall buyers are more strategic: Summer buyers typically make their purchase as a second thought; they take a vacation and love it so much they decide to buy property. Fall buyers, on the other hand, come to the market with a purpose, they know better than to come when the crowds are here. Because they’re on a mission, our showings-to-offers ratio decreases dramatically. We have to schedule fewer showings in the fall to sell a home than we do in the summer.

Occupancy goes down: If you are trying to sell resort or rental property it’s much easier to show after Labor Day because occupancy drops off. This is an advantage to you as a seller – you can maximize your property’s value by taking the time to prepare it for the market.

Less competition: Because the misconception that the fall is a bad time to sell is so widepread, there are fewer sellers out there to compete with. Most homeowners are waiting for the busy spring season, so you can easily make your property stand out in the fall market.

As you can see, there is no reason to wait to sell your home. The fall market can be as profitable as any other. Give us a call – we’ll take a look at the numbers with you and put together a marketing strategy to get your home maximum exposure. The buyers are out there, will you be?!